TMC, the manufacturer of Trace Minerals, Titanium Dioxide and several Chemicals for animal feed,
coloring and chemical industry in South Korea, provides the premium products to domestic and
international market- USA, Japan, South east and Middle east Asian countries, and Europe.

Our main product, animal feed additive Mineral, is safe to use.
Our advanced dehydrating and refinement techniques produce almost heavy metal free Trace
Minerals, and the mixerbility is very high during complete feed production due to excellent physical
properties of our products.

Also, TMC can supply safe and stable products such as Titanium Dioxide (Anatase, Rutile), Zinc
Oxide, Antimony Oxide, Calcite, PVC, and DINP with both high quality and quantity which are being
directly controlled in production and quality assurance from our off-shore factories by our own
technical professional staffs.

All the members of TMC are working hard as one to achieve our goal, becoming the best of the world
in this field.


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