Titanium Dioxide

      - TMC BA-100  Anatasee
      - TMC R-8500,8600 Rutile
      - Clnker for Brown Tube
      - Meta Titanic Acid (MTA)

  Mierals for Feed

      - Zinc Sulfate

      - Copper Sulfate

      - Ferrous Sulfate

      - Manganese Sulfate

      - Mineral Premixes

  Calcium Carbonate(CaCO3)
  PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC)

  Mineral Chelates

      - Zinc Methionine (Metrace)

      - Chromium Picolinate

      - Amino Chelate

      - Se Chelate

  Zinc Oxide (ZnO)


   PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride)

TMC provides several types of PVC which were made by severe quality control and systematic producing process of TMC. It would help to make your window frame, artificial leather, shoes, vinyl sheet, toys, wall paper, etc.  
PVC Type Item No. Usage
Straight type TMC-SG5 Window Frame, Chassis, Plastic Door, Pipe
TMC-SG7 Vinyl sheet, Vinyl film, Tile Plate,
Paste type TMC-CPM31 Leather, Shoes, Toy
TMC-CPL31 Wall paper, Vinyl House film

Application Data
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