Mineral Chelates

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Chelate Minerals;                                  


    METRACE : Methionine chelate trace minerals as Copper, Iron, Zinc

   Chrom-Pico : Cr chelated Picolinic Acid, Cr 400 ppm

   Mineral Amino chelates : Zinc, Copper, Iron, Manganese chelated
                                                             Amino acids.

   Se Chelated : Se Yeast, Se-Systeine, Se-Pico.



    TMC's chelate trace minerals, METRACE, Chrome-Pico, Mineral Amino Chelates, Se chelated  will
    greatly enhance of the mineral absorption by preventing its conversion to insoluble compounds and
    colloids in the intestinal tract.



     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   100% bioavailability


     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   Good  mixing ability.


     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   5ppm max. of As, 10ppm max. of Cd, 20ppm max. of Pb, and Mercury free.


Trace Mineral Company made Trace Minerals chelated with several chelating Agents !