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  (Cr (Pic)3H2O Chromium tri-picolinate )  / Cr chelated picolininc Acid                

   TMC produce the
Chrompico  with skilled technigue of Biochemical chelating system
   and  perfect mixing machine system.


    Chrompico is already used in diabet treatments and muscle enlargement of bodybuilder in USA.
    It was also  proved the safty  at FDA in USA.  Nowadays, We recommand
would be
    used in decrease the backfat  in swine backbone area (about 10th rib) and improve pork quality of
    finishing pigs (decrease of Drip Loss, decrease of TBARs , and pork color enrichment) , decrease
    cholesterol in broiler.


Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   Korea patent Admittance 10-2001-0032955/6

Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   100% Biological Activity

Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   GTF(Glucose Tolerance Factor) Include

Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   Contents



 Chromium Tripicolnate

0.33 %

 Natural Ceramic Powder  as Supplements

99.67 %


Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   3ppm max. of As, 10ppm max. of Cd, 20ppm max. of Pb, and Mercury free.







  Application Data or Chorom-Pico



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