Ferrous Sulfate

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 IRON-FERROUS SULFATE FeSO4*H2O FOR ANIMAL FEED.                          

   Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate, FeSO4*H2O, Heavy metal free, and free
flowing , the best quality,  you've never experienced, for Iron Supplement as
Trace Mineral in your complete Feed.

Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   31% min. Fe total as Ferrous Sulfate Monohydrate FeSO4*H2O

Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   29% min. Fe++ as FeSO4*H2O

Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   100% water soluble

Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   3ppm max. of As, 10ppm max. of Cd, 20ppm max. of Pb, and Mercury free.

Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   Sharply cut, and uniformed particle size





Fine Grind


 25 mesh ~ 100 mesh

 16 mesh ~ 25 mesh

  6 mesh ~16 mesh




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Cheap however, if excessive, poisonous!
so reasonable, so much reproductive!