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   METRACE-Methionine chelated  Trace Minerals as Copper, Iron, Zinc  

metrace    TMC's chelate trace minerals, METRACE, will greatly
    enhance of the mineral absorption by preventing its
    conversion to insoluble compounds and colloids in the
    intestinal tract.


     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   100% water soluble

     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   High available component



Zinc 5.0%, Methionine 11.3 %

Zinc 10.0 %, Methionine 22.6 %

Zinc 16.8 %, methionine 38.0 %


     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   3ppm max. of As, 10ppm max. of Cd, 20ppm max. of Pb, and Mercury free.

metrace structure





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