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   Se Chelate Minerals;                                  


Se-Yeast / Se-Cysteine / Se-Pico / Se-Methionine

     Se(Selenium) was chelated by TMC with natural Yeas, Systeine, Piconinic acid and Methionine.

     TMC's chelate selenium ,will greatly enhance of the mineral absorption. Se(Selenium) is a essential
     mineral of Role of vit. E. Espically, Systeine and vit. E and Se(Selenium) cowork in liver to recover
     fatliver and liver desease.


     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   100% bioavailability

     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   Good  mixing ability.

        High available component

     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   5ppm max. of As, 10ppm max. of Cd, 20ppm max. of Pb, and Mercury free.


   Se 2,000 ppm Se enriched Yeast    Se-Yeast
   Se 2,000 ppm Se chelated Cysteine    Se-Cysteine
   Se 2,000 ppm Se chelated Picolinic acid    Se-Pico
   Se 2,000 ppm Se chelated Methionine    Se-methionine



               Trace Mineral Company made Trace Minerals chelated with several chelating Agents !