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   TRACE MINERAL PREMIXES FOR ANIMAL FEED                                      

cow.jpg    Copper, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Iodine and Selenium; Trace
    mineral premixes, including Macro minerals, will be prepared as
    customer's order.

    Unsufficient or irregular supply of trace minerals will cause the deficiency
    or toxicity, and may result in severe disturbance in the animal health,
    growth and reproduction.

    TMC's vast experiences on mineral nutritions & formulations assure
    more safety and stability.


     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   3ppm max. of As, 10ppm max. of Cd, 30ppm max. of Pb, and  Mercury free.
     Arrow.gif (101 bytes)   Sharply cut, and uniformed particle size


Cheap however, if excessive, poisonous!
so reasonable, so much reproductive!